Crysis – Paintball Event


Crysis – Recovery with a Twist – Paintball event

Next date: 27 July 2014 at 10:00

This is a FUN EVENT and will work on the same principal as the Zombie vs Human Night Game.

Up to 7 people in a Team + 1 Medic/Referee that will be assigned.

If you don’t have a team your still welcome as we will create teams that day.
We will be playing in a very big area please make sure that you have enough water order other hydration fluids.

Entrance Fee: R60

After the previous year plane crash and the recovery of the main objective something important information and objects where spread across a vast aria of the crash site and all teams are called in to help recover the remaining objects. There are 5 in total that we have counted till now.

We will be leaving the base/safe area a...

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The Easter Hunt


Sunday, April 27 at 10:00

Entry fee: R60.
BUT if you come with a closed can of Junky Energy drink you will get R10 off on the entry fee. If you come with two cans, you will get a Junky T-Shirt also.

As everyone knows the story of the Easter Bunny, we decided to change it a little bit. Firstly, it is a week later than normal… so the bunny is not happy.
Yes there is still lots and lots of eggs that our Easter Bunny has hidden around Ruins but, he is not going to give them up without a fight.

So how does it work?
Easy, you just need to find the hidden “Eggs” that are hidden all over the Ruins Main field, without being shot by the Easter Bunny or someone else. Once you are shot you’re out for that game and may not collect any “Eggs” until the next game.

What are these Eggs?
Eggs are pri...

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Airsoft Hunger Game(s)


Soos ouder gewoonte begin ons 09h00 , maar die eerste Honger Game begin 10h00.

Dit gee ons n uur voor die game kans om Alliansies te maak (wel ons kan nou al begin om alliansies te maak).

Ons moet kyk hoeveel van ons gaan speel en van daar besluit hoe groot ons die “baan” gaan maak (natuurlik die hoof veld en dalk die bos/boomhuis ook deel van die veld maak).

Soos in die Honger Games begin ons een-een op die veld, moet probeer om n groot sirkel op die hoof veld te vorm. Elsabe kan die game begin met n toeter of dalk die bom se sirene. Dan kan jy hardlooop of loop of stil staan, MAAR dan kan ons NIE al begin SKIET NIE, nog n sirene gaan dan af gaan na 20 sekondes-dan kan ons op mekaar SKIET!!!

Al die gewone Airsoft reëls geld in die Honger Games, maar elk een van ons gaan net een lewe hê ...

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